Budget-Friendly Housing: $645 Rent with Only $55 Extra for Utilities

Shared room
710 USD
/per month
700 USD
Minimum stay:
1 month
Los Angeles, California
The property
Shared room with Shared bath
Hostel, Dorm
10 beds, 1 bath, Mixed household
Artist Housing Downtown, Los Angeles. The world's first co-living for people in Film or Music. Artist Housing has the most affordable housing in Los Angeles consistently for 10 years. Come work on projects with our equipment and amenities. We have everything you would need so you don’t need to leave your home!

Rent is month to month even if you stay just 1 month. We will be more flexible with credit scores and we will WAIVE DEPOSIT for qualifying applicants. If approved we reimburse you for the application fees. We don’t have private apartments, we provide communities to live in (co-living). You share common areas or bedrooms and it ultimately saves you a lot of money while making life-long friends. Try it out.

We have a bed for rent inside spacious shared dorm rooms, inside an 8000 sq ft facility/100 year old church in the heart of Downtown LA. Mostly for people in film and music but anyone may apply. Although we are in the best part of Downtown (Financial District) next to the largest skyscrapers, location is not always the most important thing, it is who you live with. Everyone that is accepted into this community is down-to-earth and share common interests.

Available month to month, just need a 30 day notice before vacating. Meet friends and learn the area quick until you find a more private place to live.

Many people leave making life long friends, and have collaborated on many film and music projects with one another. Before the pandemic we had events to socialize and network with each other, and film or music industry professionals. We have also provided classes and workshops on how to take film and music ideas from concepts, to final distribution and sales. We hope to do this again soon. All the resources are provided. What you will need is to: collaborate, create, and succeed.

Different beds and rooms to choose from. We have female-only and co-ed bedrooms. Some beds have exclusive access to separate amenities such as private TVs, privacy curtains, tempurpedic mattresses, or even a private window to the outside. Queen size beds are $50 more per month. If you want to share a bed we can do rent+half. We also began to include a vanity table for each bed in the female dorms.

Other rooms in the house include a Film and Music Recording Room, a Gym Room, a Theater Room, a Game/Party Room, and even a new Tool and Materials Room to work on arts and crafts. Everything is free to use. Our newest addition is our Zoom Room, were tenants will be able to join zoom casting calls. We will line up Casting Directors, Talent Managers and Agents to interview our tenants. We are not aware of anyone else doing this, we figured we needed to pivot our tenant career strategies during the lockdown. We have teamed up with ArtistePro to help us launch such a cool endeavor.

Here is a video walkthrough of the place: https://youtu.be/h7EmEIM--yg

We know utilities services can be pricey and sometimes a headache, so for $55 we provided everything a person would need in their home so that their only focus can be improving their careers, such as; cleaning supplies, TP, shampoos/soaps, iron and ironing board, AAA service, and even communal bicycles. Also included is the fastest internet possible, 1000's 0f internet and satellite channels including HBO, Cinamax, Netflix, Hulu, the list goes on. We even have daily cleaning services. There is a washer and dryer on-site, the maid can do the laundry for you for just $5 bucks per load.

​If you want you will be added to our community email blast of upcoming events related to film and music and monthly roommate social gatherings. Follow us on social media #ArtistHousing. We also have a facebook Group called 807 & Friends.

They say location is the top 3 most important things when looking for a place. ONE block away to the red line. Our city block is right across the street from Ralph's AND the new City Target! One block to LA Live and One block to FIDM. For all you late night artists, the intersection of 8th and Flower is the 24/hr hotspot with 24hour Subway, 24hour Ihop, and now 24hr 7/11.

International people do not need credit score checks or application fees. American citizens require credit scores of above 600 and application fee of $35 which will be reimbursed if accepted. Before scheduling a viewing, please check yours for free at CreditKarma.com. You may still be considered with a low credit score on a case by case basis. If you have significant experience in film or music then mention that with some links or how you could benefit our community. Additional options may include double deposit or cosigner with above 750 credit score. If you qualify we can work with you on installments on the deposit if necessary. If you have above 600 credit score, first step is to schedule a viewing. We are usually around the area, and can show places on short notice, just give a few hours heads up via text to 818.925.5638 and describe what you want to do.

If you can't physically visit the site prior, we can provide as much information online via text, email and or online video walk through, in order to help you make an informed decision.

Deposits equal one month's rent with utilities. To hold a bed will require half of that deposit upfront. This will insure you have the bed for your arrival. The sooner the better as we are usually pretty full. The holding deposit is not refundable if you choose not to move in for whatever emergency or misunderstanding, so make sure you are certain when you book. Also the date you reserve cant be adjusted. You can come later but would have to pay rent as of the day the bed is made available. Upon moving in you pay the remaining half of the deposit and first months rent.

​We now accept Bitcoin.

With our new Tenant Cloud system everything can be done on your smart phone, from touring the place and signing the lease, to paying the rent and view 24/7 live updates of your accounting.

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